Everything You Need to Know About The Fragrance Etiquette!

Everything You Need to Know About The Fragrance Etiquette!

Everything You Need to Know About The Fragrance Etiquette!

As simple as it may seem, wearing the perfume can go terribly wrong if taken for granted. How often have you felt nauseous in the early morning office elevator due to the overpowering scent from a colleague? Or have you experienced the morning perfume completely wear off by mid day, leaving you to smell like a stale latte?

Wearing a perfume comes with a certain set of rules that make the effect just right, long lasting and unique. Read on to find out more…

Rule 1: Never rub the perfume onto the skin

It is a common sight to see people rub their wrists together once they spray the perfume. This practice must be avoided as the friction between the wrists damages the perfume molecules and changes its real smell. The best way to apply the scent would be one press to the atomizer against each wrist and then once onto the throat. Another classy alternative would be to spray the perfume into the air in front and walk through it, thus allowing the perfume molecules to settle down on the skin naturally.

Rule 2: Spray the perfume before getting dressed

It is recommended to have the perfume sprayed onto the skin before putting on the dress for two main reasons. First, the perfume may spoil the fabric of the dress and next the molecules of the perfume tend to change in smell when applied against different types of materials.

Rule 3: Do not be too generous while using perfumes

Perfumes are meant to allure the ones right next to you and not suffocate the people present in the next room. While you may not necessarily be able to smell your own perfume too strongly, people almost 2 or 3 feet away can feel the effect when overdoing the fragrance. The thumb rule here is to make sure that people over an inch away must not be able to guess your perfume.

Rule 4: Moisturized skin holds the perfume for a longer time

Fragrance evaporates faster from dry skin than from a well-moisturized skin as it has something to hold onto. Use an unscented moisturizer every time before using your favorite perfume and continue smelling good throughout the day.

Rule 5: Play around with a variety of fragrances

Perfumes are plenty in variety, some for the night party, some for the summer beach and some subtle fragrances for a day at work. Play around with the various choices. Remember the fragrance you wear defines who you are and therefore it is recommended that you do not stick on to one single perfume for a very long time.

Just like the clothes you wear and the accessories you use, perfumes are an extension of your style and personality and therefore deserve your attention and care.


  • ana rosa sanchez : March 20, 2017

    pagina en español

  • Rosie Perez Corona: March 06, 2017

    I’m interested in this perfume and I know it smells good but just wanted to know if it smells the same as the 1st perfume that Jenni had, cuz I loved that smelled.
    Thank you

  • Rosie Perez Corona: March 06, 2017

    Sorry I didn’t know the name of the perfume it’s the Mariposa

  • ROSIE PEREZ: March 06, 2017

    I would like to know what are the ingredients on perfumes specifically on the Butterfly one.

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